Introduction to Scientific Reasoning
PHIL 102 MW 8:30-10:00 Wilson Hall 104

This course focuses on the nature of scientific reasoning,
both concerning individual hypothesis and involving theory testing.

Course Syllabus

Introduction to Metaphysics
PHI 3481 MW 10:00-11:30 Wilson Hall 104

This course is an introduction to central debates of
contemporary analytic metaphysics. Metaphysics is concerned with the
nature of the most general kinds of things and the relationship between
these things. We will discuss the nature of and relationship between properties,
material objects, persons, time, space, and modality. Prereqs: one
course in Philosophy at the 100 or 200-level, or permission of the instructor.
Priority given to majors in Philosophy & PNP.

Course Syllabus

Course Notes

Courses I anticipate teaching at WUSTL
Phil 102 Introduction to Scientific Reasoning
Phil 301 Symbolic Logic
Phil 3113 Theory of Knowledge
Phil 306 Philosophy of Language
Phil 321 Philosophy of Science
Phil 327 Philosophy of Religion
Phil 3481 Intro to Metaphysics
Phil 4210 Topics in Advanced Philosophy of Science
Phil 4141 Advanced Epistemology
Phil 4142 Advanced Metaphysics
Phil 405 Philosophical Logic
Phil 4051 Philosophy of Logic
Phil 4061 Topics in the Philosophy of Language
Phil 4065 Advanced Philosophy of Language
Phil 502 Proseminar in Philosophy
Phil 508 SEMINAR: Topics in Analytic Philosophy
Phil 580: SEMINAR: any of—Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Religion, Epistemology, Metaphysics